Portable Solar Generator & Devices

Portable Solar Generator & Devices


Rocksolar was founded in United States of America by a group of battery engineers. The crew lately established the R&D center, Industrial design center, Quality control center and has been cooperating with manufacturing bases in China. Rocksolar provides professional Portable Power Station solutions and system services for end users, The crew is expertise in BMS(Battery management system) design for Lithium battery pack and DC to AC inverter technologies. Fueled by the insatiable demand for off-grid power source everywhere and the massive scale of the camping market, outdoor activities and emergency/natural disaster events in United States. Rocksolar was created by the crew, and was officially founded and registered in 2017. The new brand is filled with latest innovations and is meant to provide tough design, high performance, rock hard quality, fumeless and noiseless portable power stations. Where there’s a sun, there’s infinite power you can collect, store and use.



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