SLA Replacement batteries

SLA Replacement batteries

Traditional sealed lead acid (SLA) batteries represent technology from a previous generation. As advanced power solutions are being developed and commercialized, they are slowly being replaced. Rechargeable Power Energy offers LiFePO4 batteries to replace any lead acid battery. RPE batteries are at the cutting edge of lithium ion battery technology and represent a superior and more intelligent power solution.

[IMPORTANT: Batteries should be charged with a compatible LiFePO4 charger.  It is very important to use a LiFePO4 charger for charging LiFePO4 batteries, and not a lead acid charger.]

[NOTE: These are Deep-Cycle Batteries for extended continuous use, not to be confused with High-Rate Batteries which are for starter applications only and not for extended continuous use.]

LiFePO4 SLA replacement 12V 12Ah Battery
LiFePO4 SLA replacement 12V 9Ah Battery
LiFePO4 SLA replacement 12V 7.5Ah Battery
LiFePO4 SLA replacement 12V 20Ah Battery