Smart LiFePO4 Batteries

Smart LiFePO4 Batteries

Best for application where the need for continuous discharge current is below 40 Amps of current. RPE smart battery pack has built in protection circuitry module (PCM). Through RS485/SMbus, battery packs can communicate with others in series to be small scale power system to meet customer's needs. 

  • Interchangeable design to replace lead acid battery.
  • Built in PCM to prevent from over voltage , under voltage, over current and over temperature.
  •  Up to 4 battery packs can be connected in series to reach 48V
  • Balancing works for each battery pack and each individual cell 
  • Maintenance free
  • Robust structure 
  • Lead acid battery charger can be used 
  • Over thousands life cycles

Battery Specification


Model Norminal Voltage Charge Cut-off Voltage Discharge Cut-off Voltage Pulse(30S) Discharge Current Charge Current(A) Max. Continuous Discharge Current Approx. Weight(g)




12.8V  14.6V  9.6V  30A 4.5 9 1220±20 151x65x94 


12.8V  14.6V  9.6V  30A 10 10 2750±20 181x76x166


12.8V  14.6V  9.6V 80A  20 20 6100±50 195x130x183


12.8V 14.6V 9.6V 110A  50 50 15100±50 260x158x246


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