Battery Packs For Electric Lifts – Medical & Industrial

Battery Packs For Electric Lifts – Medical & Industrial

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LiFePO4 batteries for electronic lifts.
LiFePO4 batteries offer the customer a significantly reduced total cost of ownership by virtue of their greatly improved cycle and storage life.

Weight: Weight reduction over lead-acid is a key consideration in the decision to use as a replacement for existing lead acid batteries.

Compatibility: When requiring a Li-ion battery that would be compatible with existing chargers, the LiFePO4 is the only Li-ion chemistry that has a voltage compatible with lead acid chargers.

Charger Solutions Available

Compatibility with legacy storage systems: Lead acid batteries are still commonly used with electronic lifts. A key advantage of our LiFePO4 over other Li-ion battery chemistries is that LiFePO4’s fundamental voltage (3.2V nominal as opposed to 3.6-3.7V for oxide Li-ion chemistries) provides essentially user friendly replacements for lead acid batteries (4 LiFePO4 cells in series = 12.8V).

LiFePO4 alone allows a back compatibility with legacy systems.

Safety: The intrinsic stability of the LiFePO4 chemistry and lack of event propagation in our batteries is a key consideration of customers selecting us as their Li-ion vendor.

Cycle Life: Given the duty cycle projected for many lift systems, the battery must be capable of being charged and discharged multiple times per day.


Medical Lifts

Fork Lifts

Medical Beds

  • UN/DOT 38.3 Compliant
  • Backward compatibility to SLA
  • Contain protection circuit which:
    • Terminates discharge
    • Terminates charge
    • Balances on charge
    • Contains short circuit protection
  • Charged with a constant current/constant voltage charger
  • Can be connected infinitely in parallel