Battery Packs For Robotics / Agriculture Pumps / Solar & Auxiliary Power

Battery Packs For Robotics / Agriculture Pumps / Solar & Auxiliary Power

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Designed to provide three run time options to power robotics, pumps in agriculture applications, solar, and auxiliary power units.
Our LiFePO4 batteries offer the customer a significantly reduced total cost of ownership by virtue of their greatly improved cycle and storage life.

Weight: Weight reduction over lead-acid is a key consideration in the decision to use as a replacement for existing lead acid batteries.

Compatibility: When requiring a Li-ion battery that would be compatible with existing chargers, the LiFePO4 is the only Li-ion chemistry that has a voltage compatible with lead acid chargers.

Compatibility with legacy storage systems: Lead acid batteries are still commonly used in the robotic environment. A key advantage of our LiFePO4 over other Li-ion battery chemistries is that LiFePO4’s fundamental voltage (3.2V nominal as opposed to 3.6-3.7V for oxide Li-ion chemistries) provides essentially drop-In replacement for lead acid batteries (4 LiFePO4 cells in series = 12.8V).
LiFePO4 alone allows a back compatibility with legacy systems.

Safety: The intrinsic stability of the LiFePO4 chemistry and lack of event propagation in our batteries is a key consideration of customers selecting us as their Li-ion vendor.

Cycle Life: Given the duty cycle projected for many robotic systems, the battery must be capable of being charged and discharged multiple times per day.


Batteries for Robotics

The benefits to designing around the batteries are:

  • UN/DOT 38.3 Compliant
  • Individual metal enclosures
  • Contain protection circuit which:
    • Terminates discharge
    • Terminates charge
    • Balances on charge
    • Contains short circuit protection
  • Can be charged with a constant current / constant voltage 24V charger
  • Can be connected infinitely in parallel

Robotics & Automation

Agriculture Pumps

Solar & Auxiliary Power Units