Off Grid Solar Power System

Off - Grid Solar Power Generation systems will generate an electrical current through the controller that is stored in the LiFePO4 battery. Through the controller and the inverter it can meet the electrical needs. 
RPE batteries can be paired with Solar panels set up to store the needed battery power.
220V 3000Ah Off Grid Solar Power Generation System 
Operation Voltage - 165.6V - 262.8V
Battery Capacity 
  • +25'C 662.4KWh(100%DOD@1C rate)
  • -25'C 463.7KWh(100%DOD@1C rate)
  1. Operation Temperate -20'C ~ +60"C
  2. State Of Charge Range: 10% ~ 90%
  3. Storage Temperature: -10'C ~ +50'C
  4. Monthly Self Discharge: <3%@ + 25'C
  5. Calendar Life : >10 Years