Unmanned: Aerial, Ground & Underwater Vehicles

Unmanned: Aerial, Ground & Underwater Vehicles

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Potted Battery Pack for Marine Use

Rechargeable Power Energy  understands that portable / mobile electronic equipment for the unmanned vehicle and robotics industry needs to be lightweight, with excellent battery performance in demanding operating environments.

Our experience with custom battery design includes many solutions for unmanned aerial, ground and underwater applications. While many battery needs can be met with an off the shelf product, satisfying unique power requirements are no problem. Our engineers can design, develop, test, and manufacture custom battery and charger solutions.

As the military seeks to reduce the exposure of troops to unnecessary risk, manufacturing of unmanned vehicles continue to grow. These vehicles provide critical operations for troop support, reconnaissance, and communications.

RPE' electronics controls all critical battery functions including:

  • over discharge
  • overcharge protection
  • fuel gauging
  • cycle count
  • low and high temperature operation
  • charge and discharge rate control
  • short circuit protection
  • cell balancing
  • cell diagnostics