Champion in Jump Start & Power Bank

SKU TF-0998


  1. The product is used as emergency jump starter for cars when car battery failed.
  2. The Starting Port offers two kinds of DC voltage output (12V & 24V) with peak current of 1000A which can easily start almost all cars, like petrol or diesel engines, bus, truck, generator, motor, boat, etc.
  3. Suitable for single car, vehicle fleet, long distance transportation vehicles, garage, service center, etc. 
  4. Suitable for road side assistance, with strong & weak light, 360 warning lights.
  5. For regular use, its powerful output sockets can supply power for laptop, portable air pump & vacuum cleaner, etc, and can also charge for various digital products, ie., mobile phone, camera, etc. 


  • The product and its main parts are all certified by UL, CE, FCC, RoHS.
  • The product is installed with large capacity cell groups to offer instant cranking current of more than 900A/24V and 1200A/12V.
  • The product is installed with most safe propositioned protection designed (Invention patent) and can stop output (time less than 0.1 second) when outer connection is in short circuit, anti polarity or any abnormal dangerous conditions.
  • The product has multi-steps micro-processor controlled functions, ie. multi-steps protection, anti over-charge, anti over-discharge, anti over high temperature, anti over load, etc. 
  • The product is rain proof & breakage proof by using flame retardant & high strength materials, together with the magnetic base, it can be used in all outdoor weather conditions. 
  • The product has 2 separate 2.1(A) intelligent USB charging ports which offer fast charge for different mobile phones automatically.
  • The battery capacity, voltage , ambient temperature, charge & discharge status , output status, etc. can be observed from display.
  • Elegant & luxurious outlook, concise and lively shape, humanization designed handle, reflect a strong but not plump product. 



TF - 0998

Starting Current

1000A / 12V

600A / 24V

Peak Current 

>= 1200A/12V >= 900A/24V


64000 mAH


-20 `C ~ 60`C

Output Socket 

12V/24V Starting Port

12v/10A Cigar Lighter Port

USB/2.1A* 2 (QC2.0) Intelligent

USB charging port

19V/3.5A Laptop power socket

Input Socket

Indoor Adaptor 16V/2A

Cigar lighter Charger 12V/5A


Strong, Flash, SOS, Weak, 360` Warning lights (various mode)


310mm x 175mm x 105mm (H*W*D)