ROCKSOLAR 30W RS-SP30 Foldable Solar Panel


The ROCKSOLAR 30W provides DC 18v output. It is able to charge portable power stations like the ROCKSOLAR Adventurer, Utility and Nomad using sunlight.

Key Features 

  • If the sun is shining, you have power!
  • Foldable and lightweight to carry
  • Charges 5-volt devices like smartphones, tablets, power banks, PSP, GPS, Bluetooth earphones, and more under the sun


  • Clean power for camping trips, outdoor photography, fishing trips, hiking excursions, and more
  • An emergency backup power source for personal electronics


This product doesn't have a power storage function. The charging effect will be different based on different sunlight angles, sunlight radiance, and the actual demands of the device on the charging current.

 Technical Specs.